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Published on August 12, 2017 under Adoptable Dogs

I would like to introduce myself, my name is Will and I’m very handsome. I’m looking for a family to adopt me and take me home. What I would like is a mommy that loves to give hugs and kisses or a proud daddy that gets his phone out and shows me off to all his buddies. If you adopt me I will climb in your lap with my toy and give you big hugs, I will ride very nice in a car because I love going bye bye, i will behave in public and not jump on people that want to pet me —-(Well atleast I will try very hard), i will even jump really high to catch my toy. Please consider sharing your home with me, i would love to curl up with you at night so we both are not alone. Check out my full story, I’m waiting to meet you.

October 19, 2017
I had a great past few weeks. The cooler weather really has me happy. I’ve been running more and playing harder in the park. My foster mom got to take me on a hike too. I also got to go on a long car ride to this place where I stood out front at a table and everyone came up to meet me and got lots of belly rubs. My whole rescue family was even there to say hi. My foster mom called it a Meet and Greet. She kept telling me I had to get ready for it. She gave me a bath and cut my toe nails. I stood so still and let it happen because I knew my foster mom had big plans for me and I wanted to look my best. I can’t wait for my next Meet and Greet November 4th. Won’t you please come meet me? I’ll even let you rub my belly.  Check out Jax’s Website for details of meet and greet.  Hope to see you soon.
Love Will