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Published on September 15, 2017 under Adoptable Dogs

Hi My Name is Libby!

I am sure you have heard of Hurricane Harvey and the devastation it caused in Texas which is where I am from.  There were so many dogs that were found homeless and in order for the shelters to make room for them to be reunited with their owners, Jax’s Lab Rescue decided to have me brought to Pennsylvania so they could help find me my furever home.  I am really excited to be here and cannot wait to meet my new family.


October 25, 2017

Libby is doing well. She is settled in. She’s part of a pack. She plays non stop. She’s obedient. Her favorite place is either lying in the sun or on the sofa or in the bed between her buddies. She still has some puppy tendencies and has taken a liking to remote controls, lol.  She just needs to be monitored at times and given her own toys to chew when she is doing that.  She learns very quickly.

She had a few issues when the weather turned and it first began to rain heavily. Fear from the hurricane but we worked her through that. We got her a jacket as the weather is getting cooler and she doesn’t like the cold so we will get her used to wearing that. She likes the sofa a bit too much, lol. I tried to let her sleep out of her crate one night because I felt she had spent too much time in there during the day but she went in there to sleep anyway. She’s a happy easy funny loving pup who will need a home with another dog for her to love on.


September 29, 2017

Libby is doing extremely well. This week her real personality has emerged which is exciting.

She’s finally begin to wag her tail. I think she may have some old injury there as she still cannot raise it but she wiggles and wags from the moment she is out of the crate in the morning. Her appetite has really increased and she finishes her food in no time. She even has the puppy zoomies where she races in circles around my other dogs. She and Tommy still play nonstop.

She goes to the door when she needs to do her business. She’s highly bonded to me and obeys me better than my other dogs. With that she likes to gather my shoes and pile them on the dog bed. She’s silly and very playful. Her personality is stronger every day.

She’s mild and sweet, maybe a little reserved to those she meets at first but full of kisses. She has been destructive chewing when I have not been home under my husband’s watch but she does not do that with me.










September 15, 2017 

Libby has settled in beautifully.

We brought her in late Monday evening. She had been individually introduced to my two labs and had a quick cat test but this was her first introduction to everything at once inside. This was taken very slowly. My labs were very gentle with her and she was most interested in my male lab and also in my large male cat. She very quickly relaxed and was welcomed into the group.

She has a downstairs crate and a crate in our bedroom for sleeping. We placed our dogs’ bed next to her crate in our bedroom and she sleeps from 10pm – 6am quietly in her crate no issue at all, dry crate with our dogs taking turns lying beside her in their bed.

She has a crate in our home office where I work most days unless I have meetings in the office. On Tuesday she had to go to work with me. She handled the car trip extremely well and slept on the floor at my feet for my meetings. The work meetings in the morning exhausted her and she napped the afternoon.

She has big energy spurts at meal time. She eats best with my dogs at 7am and 5pm. Before and after she plays pretty hard, then she likes to nap for a few hours. My male lab especially enjoys her company and they are fairly inseparable which is a relief to my female lab.

Libby has a strong chew/nip impulse which comes on in the early evening which we address with extra toys. She likes to take all the other dogs toys and hide with them under the table where they can’t get they toys back. She enjoys tug of war with my male lab. She enjoys chasing my male lab on a long lead outside or romping with him in the empty garage.

Her housebreaking is nearly 100%. She moves towards the door when she needs to go. Her only accident was my fault. I knew she had to go but I couldnt get outside in time. She keeps her crate perfectly dry day and night. She has a very pretty sit and takes treats with a very soft mouth.

She has slowly learned to go up and down steps following my dogs. She is getting bolder wanting to bark and perhaps chase cats which she is being corrected and redirected from doing.

Each day there is a more silly side to her personality emerging. Overall, she is doing extremely well. We all, human and canine, enjoy having her with us.

Libby with her friends!