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Published on January 10, 2018 under Adoptable Dogs
January 9, 2017
Hello!  My name is Holly and I’m 13 weeks old this week!
Today marks one week in my new foster home and while it’s pretty fabulous here, I can’t wait for my very own home and my very own family!
You might be my person if you love to snuggle and play ball!  My foster mom says that I’m a pretty good snuggler and that I’m pretty calm for a lab AND a puppy!  She also says that this could change any day, but we’ll see!
In case you don’t know my back story, I was rescued by my Auntie Sharon with 3 of my sisters.  We came all the way from Ohio.  Auntie Sharon took us home with her and got us some much needed medical attention on our eyes and she showed us that people are not scary.  They are in fact pretty awesome!  Once our eyes were all fixed up, we each went to our individual foster families for some one on one and TLC!  My family came to get me last Wednesday.  They have 2 big people and 2 shorter people.  They cuddled me the whole way home in the car and then when we got there, I met 2 new dogs!  They were pretty big but I wasn’t scared!  I also met cats!  Lots and lots of cats!  My foster family also fosters kittens, so I got to meet 5 cats!  I would really love to play with them but they are much smaller than me so foster mom says that is a no-no!  I respect their space when they tell me to.  I made myself right at home!  The next morning we woke up to more snow and boy do I love snow!  I love playing in snow and I love eating snow!  I do not mind being cold one bit!  But foster mom still only lets me go out for a few minutes at a time.  She says it’s too cold for puppies!  After a few days, foster mom and I went on a car ride and when we stopped I got to see all of my sisters again!!  We had so much fun visiting and having our checkup!  I weighed in at 24.4 pounds and I didn’t cry when I got a shot or the stitches removed from my eye!  I was so tired afterwards though!
And that brings us to today!  A full week in my foster home!  We’re supposed to get more snow tomorrow and I really hope that we do!  I’ll let you know…..Holly