Well Hello, I am Zeke, a 2-and-a-half-year-old neutered English Pointer male. As you can see my English heritage gives me this remarkable beauty that will catch your eye at first glimpse.  I can be very well-mannered when asked because I’ve been trained all my basic behaviors such as Look, Sit, Down, Wait, Leave It, Give, Come, Leash Walking, Lets Walk and some others. I love to go hiking, play in my back yard or cuddle on the couch with my loved ones. But my favorite thing to do is to spend time with people. I love people! I do get excited easily and must be reminded of my manners when around people such as not to jump on them, not to play tug with my leash or not to nibble on your chin when I am giving you kisses. But I respond well to verbal cues. Because I am a large active gentleman I am looking for a home with a fenced yard and no children, responsible teenagers are okay. I do have play dates with certain lady dogs but I don’t play well with all dogs so I am looking for a home with no other dogs. Because I get excited easily, I need a quiet calm home. My foster mom tells me some of her favorite things about me are my soft silky ears, how I give full body hugs when I lean into her, how trusting I am and will let her do almost anything to me even if I am scared and my beautiful eyes. If you are looking for a confident, sensitive, playful, well-mannered (most of the time), people loving dog then please consider me for your home.