Hi, my name is Zeke. I am a 2.5-year-old neutered English Pointer with beautiful black markings. I am looking for a family that I can call my own. I had a rough start in life that made me anxious in social settings. I love being around people, matter of fact I prefer it. But if I don’t know what to expect I get anxious and start to nibble on you or your clothing. If I think I am going to get into trouble, it makes me more anxious and the nipping turns to arousal biting. Then I really get into trouble, but I can’t help it, I am scared. I found this really loving women and this rescue that found me a trainer that has helped me. I have been living with her for a few months learning how to appropriately interact with people, she promises she won’t let anyone hurt me ever again. I trust her and I am ready to find a family of my own. I will try really hard not to nip, but if I get anxious or stressed it might happen but all you have to do is be patient with me, I will learn to trust you too. I just want someone to love me as much as I love others.

I love car rides, especially when we are going for ice cream. I love to hike, run and play and go for walks to see the world. I am not a fan of water but I will tolerate baths because after all, I must look good for the ladies. I love to learn, in training I have learned all my manners such as my Name, Look, Sit, Down, Stand, Give, Leash Walking, Leave It, Wait and Come. I am very smart as you can tell. I am a great kisser and hugger and will show you every chance you give me. Even though I am close to 70 pounds, I still feel I should be in your lap when you are sitting so I hope you don’t mind.

Since stress is a trigger for my nipping I am looking for a calm home that can give me lots of exercise. One that doesn’t have children, cats or other dogs. I love people but also need my alone time with my owners. If you feel you could give me what I am looking for I love you already and want to meet you.