Max is one cool dog.  He is around 10 years old but you would never know it.  He still has alot of spunk but can also chill with you as well. He is super sweet and will make such an awesome companion.  Max loves tennis balls and loves to retrieve I guess that is the lab in him. He is healthy, neutered, housebroken and ready to give lots of love to his new family.  Max has been crated when he was younger and should be fine in a crate but he is good with full roam of the house as well.  He has been gated in certain areas before and always respects the gate and will not try to jump or knock the gate down.  He is happy laying on a nice comfy blanket or dog bed where ever you are. Max should be the only dog in the house, but LOVES to give hugs- he leans into your legs and that is how he hugs you.  He has a beautiful coat with awesome markings and those ears!!!! How can you not fall for this guy??? Please consider giving this guy a home.  You wont regret it.