Hi my name is Clark.  I am 10 years young.  I was rescued from a shelter by Jax’s and I have been in my awesome foster home for about 2 and a half months.  I had some pretty bad skin issues when I first arrived but foster mom and dad have been giving me treatments and I almost all healed up.  I also had some skin tags on my one paw that have been removed and the Dr. said it was all good news and I am all healed now.  I am a black lab but have some chocolate in me too.  There are parts of my fur that are a nice silky chocolate brown color.  Even though I am 10 years old (and that is an estimate because I was a stray) I have plenty of energy for walks and play time in the yard.  I love my foster siblings, there are two one chocolate lab and one yellow lab and I get along great with both of them and will initiate play with them.  I still have a lot of love to give.  I will need to be on joint medication for the rest of my life and would prefer some good walks to keep me strong.  I am great on the leash and even off leash I will stay close to your side unless I see a deer or rabbit etc.  I do have prey drive like any lab.  I have never been crated in my foster, but I am sure I could be if needed but I would prefer to either be gated in a room or free roam.  I am great with free roam.  I am also housebroken.  I have not had exposure to young kids or cats so that is unknown and probably best to not have cats since I am a lab with a pretty good prey drive.  I am a loyal and loving companion that just wants someone to love me and keep me young at heart.  Foster mom says I love to just rub up against her or anyone for that matter and have them scratch and pet me.  My favorite spot to be is right by your side.  If you are looking for the most loyal and loving lab, then I am your guy.


Clark (aka love bug)